With DJ livestreaming now strongly established among hobbyhorse Anchorpeople, Roland’s new-for-2022 video attack releases are well-timed. The company has launched two new attack bias that will appeal to multitudinous DJ livestreamers, whether simply using smartphones to aqueduct from, or with farther pro set-ups.

Roland Aero Caster VRC-01

The Aero Caster is a new attack device that lets you livestream using iOS or Android bias, wirelessly. You hook up smartphones as cameras, generally using a tablet to run the supplied video software, and what you get is a full multicar livestreaming set-up, without lines or the need to invest in devoted cameras.

Roland AeroCaster VRC-01 girdled by bias

Roland provides the video switching software (AeroCaster Switcher) for the tablet at the heart of the system, and the apps for the iPhones/ Android phones you ’ll use as cameras, and you get product tools like platestitlesvideo clips and farther – you can indeed screenshare from your computer. Broadcasting is direct to YouTube, Twitch and so on, or to any custom RTMP channel, and can be done over 4G/ 5G or WiFi.
We ’re looking forward to reviewing this one, as it appears to offer a simple way of streaming good qualitymulti-cam MC sets (up to four video sources, plus the camera on the tablet the app is running on), and so should appeal to ambitious Anchorpeople just getting started in live streaming.

Price$ 295
Vacuity March 2022

Roland V-02HD Mk II streaming video mixer

Stepping up, a typical devoted camera- predicated DJ Livestream will have one camera above the sundecks, and another offering a anterior view of both the DJ and the gear. Once you commit to investing in good DSLR cameras or camcorders for these shots and spend some time getting the lighting right, there’s no reason why your DJ live courses ca n’t look as good as any pro broadcast.

Stoners of the V-02HD Mk II can dissolve between sources using the T- bar fader.
The trouble is that analogous cameras affair HDMI, and so you need interfaces to get their signals into your computer. Roland’s new V-02HD Mk II is designed to simplify the workflow of this type of set-up. It lets you take two HD HDMI sources, plus audio sources (MC controller labors, microphones, over HDMI) mix them together, and shoot them via single USB to a computer, to be streamed on YouTube, Twitch, etc, or any RTMP channel.
The V-02HD Mk II has a simple T- bar for transitioning between sources, and erected-in video goods, transitions and so on, and audio can be inputted via two stereo3.5 mm inputs.

Using a attack mixer like this rather of individual audio and video interfaces and software switching can make for a farther professional resultsimpler set-up, and a cheaper overall system, because you ’ll need lower power in the computer, and because the jobs of several interfaces are combined in one unit.
Again, we ’re looking forward to reviewing this unit, so watch out for further studies on it on the point soon.

Price$ 395
Vacuity March 2022

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