How To Effectively Create PLAYLIST For Your DJ Sets:

Some Anchorpeople do n’t like having a set prepared in advance They prefer to “ extemporize” in real- time, indeed if this extemporization is only partial (they know all the same that their tracks go well with similar others for illustration
.The advantage of this approach is that you have a lot of inflexibility to be suitable to acclimate your performance according to the responses of the followership, or indeed the time at which you go to the balconies.

Other Anchorpeople, of which I’m part, prefer to have a set formerly well worked and fine-tuned before mixing.
It can go as far as mixing “ to the measure ready”, that’s to say knowing exactly when in title 1 title 2 must enter, and for how long before title 1 is released fully.

The advantage of this approach is that you do n’t have to suppose and “ extemporize” when you ’re in public, and your set picture is potentially veritably fine, subtle, precise, and clean!
.In any case, if you have a set prepared in advance, you have THE CHOICE to play it or to give free rein to your feeling and “ extemporization” during your performance …
In an Excel grid, you can write down the word of your tracks, move/ rearrange/ reorder them as you wish, and fluently format everything.
The principle to follow is to write ONLY the essential information, that’s to say useful while you mix.

For illustration, you can order your songs and specify in columns
.> Their name.

Their tempo and key ( voluntary, indeed if you mix harmonically because you formerly know the former and coming tracks 😉).
Their entry timing (ie at what point in the former title do you have to enter this title into the blend).

Their release timing ( i.e. when you have to take this title out of the blend).
Their energy position (a little/ relatively/ veritably angry, for illustration).

Always aim for SIMPLICITY make a clean, minimalist document, easy to use and to consult when you’re in the dark (write in black on white, roughly …).
Start by creating a fairly rudimentary document and test it as soon as possible.

Also, you can ameliorate it to see what works, what does n’t, useful word to add, and gratuitous word to remove to simplify 😉
. Still, you can devote a tab in your Excel train for each one, If you have several sets.

When it’s ready print this playlist on paper so you can use it whatever your mixing gear (with or without a computer) vinyl turntables, CDs, or DJ software.
By creating a set all prepared in advance, one might be tempted to suppose that it’ll not be possible, or in any case veritably delicate, to surprise your followership …
Because we aren’t in front of him in real- time, and thus we can not acclimatize at the moment, so as to release THE right track when it’s necessary for illustration …
.There are parries, “ hacks” to still Counterfeit your followership, and why not, constantly throughout your set.

The key to getting there’s Expectation!
That’s to say that when you design your set, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the hop who would “ follow” you, in order to more capture their attention, and to “ companion” them in a way 🙂
You have a lot of possibilities to surprise them

switch from one musical style to another veritably different, in a fluid and transparent way.

Take a “ vault” in tempo, without it being heard at all.
Apply a well- placed harmonious “ modulation”, for illustration by switching from one air to another.

You can discover similar advanced tips and ways in The Dojo training ( especially with “ The Checklist for a Killer Set” in Level 9).
You can plan, anticipate a striking surprise for your followership two-thirds of your set, in order to revive the interest of the hop 🙂
You can indeed do it in a more moderate but more frequent way, for illustration, every 15 twinkles, by playing the remix of a well- known megahit …
.The possibilities are endless!

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