Beats revolutionized the headphone sedulity when they came on the request in 2008. For the first time, music suckers were offered an option that concentrated on style without compromising on audio quality. They have exploded in popularity in the times since and have been worn by cornucopia of megastar directors and Anchorpeople. But are Beats good for DJing?
Any Beats headphones can be used for DJing still, as there are several models, some are more suitable than others. The Beats EP most nearly resembles the sedulity standard, on- observance MC headphones while theover- observance Beats Studio model are also suitable for DJing. Indeed with their slight tuning bias towards bass.

There are other factors involved, and models that are less suitable so I ’m going to cover them inclusively. Starting by answering …

Are Beats HEADFONE EP Good for DJing?

Beats noway used to be a really doable option for Anchorpeople due to the way they were EQ ’d. Which meant they were tuned to be bass heavy. This is largely because they were n’t specifically designed for Anchorpeople, rather they were meant for general consumers.

A MC does n’t want to add spare color to their tracks (i.e a boosted bass), they need to be suitable to hear accurate sound replication. This way they can hear exactly what the cult is going to hear.

Thankfully the bottommost duplications of Beats have neutral sound tuning, meaning that they no longer boost the bass. This is infinitely more suitable for DJing from a deals perspective.

So Are Beats EP Headphones a Good Choice for DJing?

Where the Beats EP headphones might not be so suitable for DJing is in their focus on style and minimalism.

They do n’t feature the heavyweight factors and make quality demanded to repel the stresses of DJing. Ideally, they should be suitable to stand up to the pressures of touring and gigging. This is where they are most likely to get damaged by being thrown in bags and carried between gigs.

This would n’t inevitably be a problem if the factors were exchangeable. But the headphone pads, drivers and headband are all principally one sealed unit. Meaning you can’t replace any one part inclusively.

That means if the wiring or one of the drivers go in one observance. You ’re looking at having to buy an entirely new set of headphones.

As far as fit and comfort goes, this tends to be down to particular preference, and ultimately the size of your head. Multitudinous stoners report them as being too tight, which when using for longer DJ sets, could lead to pressure headaches.

Assuming they do fit, they are feathery and well-padded so should be comfortable. The headband is flexible although there’s n’t a whole lot of give in there.

Their closed-back design does give them some sound sequestration. Still, because they are on- observance headphones and do n’t cover the whole observance, they have limited capability to block out background noise.

Due to coming with a erected-in mic, the Beats EP are headphones you can use both in the DJ cell and with your phone.

The string is not exceptionally long, meaning you could fairly easily pull or stress it while dancing around in the DJ cell. Considering you can’t replace the string, this could be disastrous for the life of the headphones.

They also come with amini- jack, so you would need an accessory to plug them into a mixer.
Another point on exchangeable factors is that as you sweat during gigs, this will eventually beget the observance pads to degrade. Again, because you ca n’t replace them, it’s another factor that will dock the life of your Beats headphones.

All of that said, the neutral tuning and snug headband do mean that, if they fit, at least you ’ll look truly swish while DJing.

Who Are the Beats EP HEADFONE For?

Beats EP headphones are really designed for the consumer request,i.e the everyday music addict. This is backed by the fact that they include a erected-in mic meaning they can be used with phones. This makes them ideal for the casual listener. While they can be used for DJing they are not specifically designed or vended for that purpose.


  • Beats EPs are no longer tuned to be bass-heavy.
  • Beats EP are still designed for consumers over Anchorpeople.
  • Although they are erected of durable material, they are not as flexible as some specific MC headphones.
  • The tight fit may make them uncomfortable for some stoners.
  • The erected-in microphone makes them suitable for both DJing and phone use.
  • As on- observance headphones, they have limited capacity to isolate background noise.
  • Individual factors are not exchangeable.

Are Beats HEADFONE Studio Good for DJing?

Beats Studio are amongst the wireless offerings in the Beats range. Though slightly tuned towards bass, they still have a good sound replication. Which means they can be used for DJing.
They also have noise cancellation meaning you can concentrate on your music rather than what is going on in the cell.

While they can last an emotional 22 hours of playback on a single charge (40 hours if you turn off noise canceling), you ’re still going to want to make sure they are excelled up before your gig.

While wireless headphones are debatable in responsibility for DJing, the Beats Studios comes with long battery life and a decent range. So assuming there is no interference in the club, you should be good to use them. There is an voluntary string that you can use just in case. Not having a line, of course, allows you to move around to the DJ cell freely.

As seems to be the style with Beats headphones, they do have a nicely tight clamp. This has both pros and cons in the DJ cell. On the additional side, it means you will be suitable to move and dance around without the headphones slipping off. Still, for dragged sets, you may find the setting can start to get kindly painful.

Like the Beats EP, the Manufactories are corroborated by a substance band, which should make them sturdier in the face of constant touring and gigging.
One thing to be conservative of with Bluetooth headphones is that they can be prone to some quiescence. Therefore, it would be worth trying out a brace to see if they ’re going to be suitable for your mixing style. As mentioned over there is an voluntary string if quiescence is an issue.


  • Beats Studio are wireless but comes with an voluntary string.
  • They include noise cancellation, which can be switched off to stretch battery life.
  • Beingover- observance headphones means they have some natural sound sequestration.
  • Although they are tuned towards bass, they are still doable for DJ use.
  • Wireless headphones can be prone to quiescence, in which case you can use the string.
  • The Manufactories have the longest battery life in the Beats wireless range.
  • A mic is included so you can use them with your phone.
  • To DJ wirelessly you will bear a Bluetooth transmitter

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